Galleri Fredslund - Paintings

Often when I start painting, I have a thought what the painting is about to end and how I get to the results, but during the process, thoughts may have influenced me to a result that's different from what I had in mind.
Therefore, process time can quickly move from a few days to several weeks, from start to finish.

All the paintings are painted with acrylic paint on canvas and when the paint is dry, the canvas is sprayed with clear lacquer to fix the colours. All canvases are in the range from from 20 x 20 cm to 170 x 120 cm and clamped onto a 2.5 cm thick frame and in the range.
Paintings can be frames with a iron frame - read more

Below you will find a selection of my paintings - click on the individual pictures and see information about title, size in cm and price.

If you are interested in one of the paintings, please contact me by phone +45 21675398 or by mail

NOTE - reservations are made for errors in the entered data and that colours on the photo may differ slightly in relation to colours on the painting.


Artmoney is a unique original artwork produced by an artist who is registered Artmoney artist. Artmoney must follow fixed game rules, made by “Artmoney artists” from the whole world and has a fixed value of DKR 200 ($ 30 / € 28) a fixed size of 12 x 18 cm and shall be certified with number, year and signature on the back

Artmoney evolved from an idea of Danish artist Lars Kræmmer in the late 1990s. Inspired by lack of money and the desire to get out of our traditional way of thinking about economy, he created a new currency in the form of small individual works of art. Today, Artmoney is spread around the world and Artmoney can be used as payment in almost 300 shops, companies, hotels and cafes. There are over 1000 registered Artmoney artists all over the world.
At the same time Artmoney has become a collectible among art lovers.
Artmoney is purchased at an advantageous price and can be used as hostess gifts, friends gift and the like.

View my collection of Artmoney for sale and more information about Artmoney at


Landscape paintings, but not in the traditional way.

The paintings are inspired by travelling in China, the United States, Spain and Italy. In addition to the landscapes, which often contain mountains, they're often small women in dresses and houses, towers or gates where one can enter the painting.

It is impressions from my travels that have been painted in the same way as on the old Chinese rolls or Tuscan paintings, where things in the background often had the same size as things in the foreground - that is, without a depth perspective.


Paintings with ladies are inspired by a task I got from a optic store in Esbjerg - "Paint some paintings where our logo and glasses are included - and preferably in happy colours"

The ladies are painted in dresses with sharp colours. Online I found glasses, also in sharp colours, which were printed out and glued to the painting. And a woman without a small bag really does not go, so as something natural, Profil Optik's logo became a small fine bag that could hang on some of the women's arms. Besides the shop in Esbjerg, they have also been exhibited in Profil Optik's store in Randers.
I have continued painting women's paintings, but they are now without glasses. Instead, I work with print on the canvas and various paper materials that become part of the painting.


Other paintings - it can be abstract, paintings from nature or oil crayons on paper.

In between all the other paintings, there is also time to play with the colours and other materials, such as paper, colour pencils and crayons.
When I have painted landscape paintings or paintings by ladies, there is a need to let the brushes run freely across the canvas. It can be naturalistic paintings of beautiful things in nature, where especially the iceberg with its beautiful colours is a favourite motif. It is also fun and relaxing to work with the small oil crayons and make small pictures.